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Who we are

Keely Nugent

Founder Keely is a strategic thinker and qualified coach who specialises in business transformation and turnaround. Keely works with organisations, to refocus, re-energise, achieve clarity of vision, improve sales, operational effectiveness and profitability, and empower employees to deliver tangible benefits to customers. Keely brings fresh thinking, positive challenge and a creative approach that is unconstrained by “conventional wisdom” to help organisations achieve durable results. Keely has worked with organisations as diverse as the BBC, HSBC, BUPA, Vodafone, RBS, NHS, CBRE and Aon and is the Author of a successful book on change - Change Bring it on!

Keely is supported by a hand picked team with unique but complementary skills and experience

John Hope

John Hope is a Senior Project and Programme Manager with over 20 years experience successfully delivering both global and local projects and programmes to time, scope, quality and budget through the full project life-cycle. John has managed teams of up to 50 people and budgets of over £10m, to successfully implement IT and business projects and programmes, working with staff at all levels, he is also well practiced at managing 3rd parties, including IBM, Cap-Gemini, Hewlett-Packard, Atos-Origin, Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture and HCL-Axon. His experience has been gained within a wide variety of industries, including FMCG, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media, Professional Services, Public Sector, Telecommunications, Aviation and the Travel Industry in diverse cultural environments in more than 70 countries.

Colin Ashworth

Colin is a senior operations executive with extensive experience in the financial services and business services sectors, particularly IT and business processing and a strong track record in operating model transformation (both design and implementation), operational transition and integration, Colin specialises in designing and delivering positive client experience and has worked for or organisations such as Aon, Severn Trent, Prudential, Ladbrokes and AIG where he was instrumental in defining and implementing Target Operating Models.

Victor Lunn-Rockliffe

Victor, a former senior civil servant, formerly a member of the Management Board for ECGD now specialises in helping businesses articulate their vision and strategy through the medium of pictures. Victor has illustrated a number of successful books.

Andrew Milbourn

Andrew works with clients across a number of industries and has expert knowledge of media. He was a main board director of a large plc for five years before establishing himself as a leading change management and sales expert. Throughout the early 90’s Andrew developed sales improvement strategies and consultant products across a number of industries, including fmcg, packaging, cars and media.In 1998 Andrew was invited to join the main board of Future plc as Sales Director and oversaw a growth in revenue’s of 50% in three years. Andrew has an unrivalled track record in sales development and the management of sales teams. He has pioneered a new contemporary sales process which leads the way in sales growth and customer engagement.

Colin Muid

Colin is a former senior civil servant and one of the originators of e-government. He was also managing director of Kermon, the independent procurement consultancy. Colin's consulting and management experience includes pogramme and project management, change management, procurement, service delivery and policy development. Deal-making and dispute resolution are key strengths.